celebrating our seniors

class of 2022

Christian Challenge at Northern Arizona University

Please join us in celebrating the Northern Arizona University Senior Class of 2022!

Abby Gennett

Abby graduated in December of 2021 with degrees in Chemistry and Criminology and Criminal Justice. She hopes to pursue a career in forensic chemistry working in a crime lab. Christian Challenge has been a critical part of Abby’s college experience. She is grateful for the many lessons she has learned and the amazing people she has met that have walked with her the last four years!

Abby Vega

"My name is Abigail. I will be graduating in December with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After graduation, I plan on working in Labor and Delivery. I joined Christian Challenge my last year of college and wish I would have joined sooner. I have made several great friendships I will cherish forever."

Brenden Moran

Brenden is graduating with a degree in Psychology, two minors in History and Criminal Justice. Throughout his time at NAU, he served with Challenge as the worship leader and president. After graduation, he will be moving to Phoenix to start working with the Phoenix police and then work his way up to the FBI. Brended is grateful for his years at NAU and Challenge but he is excited for the future and to travel.

Cyndi Angulo

"I'm Cyndi Angulo, I'm a Graphic Design Major who has been blessed to have been a part of Christian Challenge all four years of undergrad. This community of Christ-followers has been such a wonderful blessing that has poured so much into my life and I'm just glad to have been a small part of theirs!"

Ella Tramp

Ella will be graduating in May with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, a minor in business, a certificate in Hospitality Event Management, and a certificate in Restaurant Management. Throughout her last semester, she has been a Campus Missionary Apprentice at Christian Challenge. After graduation, she will be moving to Phoenix with her husband, Seth, and working as a Venue Concierge at Events on Jackson. Ella is very thankful for all the blessings that Challenge has brought her and grateful for the opportunity to give back her last semester.

Emma Murdy

Emma is graduating in the spring with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science. She will be continuing her education at Coconino Community College. She will finish in December with an EMT certification. In the future, she hopes to go on a mission trip to provide healthcare to people that are in need. Emma is very grateful for the amazing memories she has made with Christian Challenge and for all of the people that have impacted her faith!

Sammie Reisenauer

Sammie is graduating with a BS in Physics and Astrophysics. She is excited to start the next step in her career path by heading to graduate school at ASU this fall to work towards her PhD in physics. She is also looking forward to moving to Phoenix and being closer to her family. Christian Challenge has been such a special part of Sammie’s time at NAU, and she’s so grateful for all the friends she’s met here!

Scout Martin

Scout will be graduating in May with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education and in Special Education. After college she plans to move to Michigan for 15 months to become an Intern at Paradise Ranch where she will learn how to run a summer camp/ranch camp. From there she will either continue working in camping ministry or find a 5/6th grade classroom to take over.

“I am so so very thankful for the four years filled with laughter, joy, and growing deeper in Christ. I love you all so dearly!”

Talon Whiteley

Talon is graduating with a Bachelors in Nursing and a minor in Psychology. Talon hopes to become a trauma nurse and one day work abroad as a missions nurse!

"I found Challenge at the end of my freshman year, and am so thankful for the friendships, family, learning, and opportunities I've gained through being a part of Challenge."